Olive + Twist Crew Member


A Olive + Twist FOH Crew Member possesses a passion for service, is knowledgeable of menu items, and is prepared to proactively customize the dining experience to the guests’ expectations.

Specific responsibilities of the FOH Crew Member include:

  1. Greets guests with a genuine smile, builds rapport, and ensures an enjoyable, quality dining experience.
  2. Looks for visual and verbal cues to identify the experience the guest wants and customizes the service to meet those expectations.
  3. Promptly and accurately takes food and beverage requests from guests.
  4. Ensures expedient service of food and beverages to the guest.
  5. Frequently checks up on the guests and uses visual cues to provide silent service as appropriate.
  6. Learns Olive + Twist menu and beverages, expertly recommends and upsells items.
  7. IDs all guests ordering alcoholic beverages who appear to be 40 years old or younger.
  8. Follows all Olive + Twist Service Style Standards.
  9. Accurately rings all orders into the POS system while simultaneously interacting with guests when applicable.
  10. Practices conversational ordering by mentioning current promotional features.


  1. A Olive + Twist FOH Crew Member MUST be able to carry natural conversation with guests IN FLUENT ENGLISH without sounding scripted or intrusive. Applicants not meeting this requirement will not be considered.

Additional specific requirements for the FOH Crew Member include:

  1. Must be able to deliver plates and food and clear tables
  2. Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noise
  3. Must be dressed neatly and well groomed in company approved uniform at all times
  4. Must be able to operate P.O.S. system, make change correctly and make credit card transactions accurately
  5. Must be able to calmly respond to angry guests and notify a Manager
  6. Must be able to read and write notes to hearing impaired guests
  7. Must be able to read menus to sightimpaired guests
  8. Must be able to verbalize menu items clearly to guests while taking their orders or responding to their request
  9. Must be able to read and write
  10. Must be able to stand and walk during entire shift
  11. Must be able to reach, bend, stoop and wipe counters/tables