Olive + Twist includes an 18% Service Charge on all guest checks. The entirety of this Service Charge is retained by the house, of which 100% is distributed to our staff in the form of wages and commissions to ensure that they continue to be very well compensated for their hard work.

In short, the intent of these changes is not to enrich the company through retention of Service Charge revenue.

With this commission model in place, there is no expectation of a gratuity in addition to the 18% Service Charge. If you feel an additional gratuity is warranted, please know that your generosity in recognizing exceptional service is very much appreciated, and 100% will be retained by your server.

If at any point your experience was not up to your or our standard of deliciousness served with graciousness, simply ask a manager for a refund of your bill. Please feel free to drop us a note at [email protected] if you have any questions.